Simeon Simeonov tenor, graduated from the Facility of Singing at the Academy of Music - Sofia, Bulgaria. He specialized in Rome, Italy, studying musical interpretation under Boris Hristov and singing under professor Lolanda Magnoni. Included in his repertoire are central tenor roles from the operas Tosca, La Boheme, Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, Nabucco, Ernati, Norma, The Pearl Fishes, etc, which he has sung in opera houses in Bulgaria and during appearances in Austria, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Greece and so on. Since 1992 he has started to involve himself with the music of the Master (Beinsa Douno), and since 1994 he has actively involved himself in concerts and recordings with Peter Ganev. As a result of their work 8 cd's were born.